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CHG employees raise money, donate gifts for onsite physician assistant and wife

At our Salt Lake City headquarters, we’re fortunate to have onsite healthcare through Marathon Health. Due to the great service our onsite providers give our employees and their families, it’s no surprise that our people form close bonds with them.

Brent Apple, CompHealth hospital privileging coordinator

Brent Apple, a hospital privileging coordinator for our CompHealth locum tenens division, and his wife, Daisy, have gotten to know Marathon Health physician assistant Randy Archibald fairly well during their recurring visits.

“Randy is super funny and loves photography and has a great sense of humor that puts me and Daisy at ease even when we receive bad medical news,” says Brent.

But a couple of weeks ago, Daisy noticed Randy looked a bit more tired than usual. When the couple asked how he was doing, Randy told the Apples that his wife, Rebecca, recently had invasive neck surgery to get a few disks removed and that she’d be going in again for yet another surgery.

“We both sat there thinking how we could help,” Brent explains. “I ended up getting a hold of one of my leaders, Aubree Nash, and we came up with the awesome idea to get the hospital privileging team together to donate our own money to help Rebecca and Randy.”

Aubree took the team’s donations and bought a blanket, socks, lip balm, chocolate and gift cards to restaurants for Randy to take Rebecca to when she felt better.

“Randy has always been there for us so we thought we should show how much we appreciate him and his family in return,” says Brent.

Take a look at Randy’s response below to see just how much of a difference the team’s actions made.

Hi, Brent,

Randy Archibald, Marathon Health PA

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you and the hospital privileging team for the kind and thoughtful gift bag you put together for my sweet wife Rebecca. We are both blown away that your group would do something like that for her! She said over and over again that she couldn’t believe it, especially because you included some of her favorite things — socks, blankets, lip balm, and chocolate!

When I sent her a text about the gift bag after Brent dropped it off she replied, “That is so freaking cool!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe someone would do that, only because they know you J So very kind.” Then she went on to say that it reminded her of the lyrics to a Keith Urban song called “Without You” which goes like this:

People that I barely knew / love me ‘cause I’m part of you / man it’s hard to figure

Anyway, this was a big deal to her and she is so grateful for it. She is now six weeks out from her neck surgery to remove a couple of disks and she is getting better all the time. Right now she is in the stage of healing in which she is wanting to be more active, but every time she does, her pain increases again… which as you can imagine is pretty frustrating for her. So your kind gift was the perfect therapy for her at this stage.

Thanks again. You guys totally knocked it out of the park on this one! I always appreciate the people who make an effort to take good care of the people I love.

Randy Archibald, Physician Assistant 

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  • Hospital privileging tea, you guys are awesome. We do love all the providers from Marathon Health. They are like our extended CHG family!

  • Stories like these make me smile. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person – Randy is the best! Wishing his wife a speedy recovery.

  • Kudos all around! CHG and Marathon Health are definitely a winning combination. So proud to hear these amazing stories.

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