We were into corporate
way before it
was cool.

We’ve built our business on one ideal above all others:
Putting People First. So when you’re here, there’s no
doubt where you and your career fit into our priorities.

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The reviews are in. (We’re
not crying, you’re crying.)

What happens when you put people first? They return the favor. Our people have made us one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

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There are 3025 reasons
CHG will never be like
other companies. (You’d
make it 3026.)

We make our people our business strategy — a hard-working, weird, wonderful business strategy.

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We were made to make
a difference.

When Putting People First is your guiding principle,
you can’t help but make a positive impact. But our
culture of caring goes beyond how we treat each other.
We’re also committed to improving the lives of our
customers and all the communities we serve.

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