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Overview of the benefits offered at CHG

Health, wealth, and happiness. Who wouldn’t want all of that? At CHG Healthcare, we help our people achieve those dreams. We offer great benefits and a work/life balance that helps us enjoy our time inside and outside the office.

Health benefits

Staying healthy is critical to staying on top of your game whether you’re working or playing. Work 20 hours or more each week and you, your dependents, and your spouse/domestic partner are eligible for all these benefits:

  • Health insurance. Choose from two comprehensive plans.
  • Dental insurance. Definitely something to smile about.
  • Vision insurance.  See your way through to great eye care. 
  • Fertility benefits. Our people requested it, so we added Progeny to help employees wanting to start a family.
  • Onsite health clinic in most locations. Yep, you can schedule an appointment at our Marathon Health clinic in person or virtually and you don’t have to use PTO! Drop by while you’re at work, without taking time off to wait for hours in a doctor’s office. Same goes for your dependents, spouse, or domestic partner.
  • Behavioral health counseling. Offered through Marathon Health or Teladoc. Meet with a counselor during work hours, with no PTO required.
  • Onsite mental health. Meet with a counselor during work hours.
  • Teladoc. Ah, technology! We love being able to speak with a healthcare provider 24/7 without even getting out of our jammies — and at no cost!
  • Prescription plan. At the pharmacy or through the mail, we’ve got you covered, often for just $10 a prescription.
  • Specialty and biotech medication. Your meds shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. We partnered with prescription drug makers to lower your costs.
  • Employee Assistance Program. In a tight spot? CHG can help you with free and confidential legal, behavioral, emotional, and financial wellness help, in person or over the phone.
  • Onsite fitness. Hit the gym before you hit the road, or during lunch, or pretty much any time. In addition to a fully loaded gym, you can also register for classes that include spin, yoga, and more — all within a few steps of your office.
  • Life insurance and Accidental Death or Dismemberment. Basic policies covered 100% by CHG. You can also increase your coverage at a very competitive rate.

Wellness Pays

We reward our people for taking care of their health. In fact, employees can earn a $720/year Wellness Pays discount on health insurance by participating in wellness initiatives like health screenings, health coaching, fitness challenges, and more.

Financial wellness

Financial health is just as important as physical health. Here are a few of the financial benefits offered at CHG:

  • FSA (flexible savings account). Set pre-tax money aside for health needs, dependent child care, or certain kinds of commuter expenses.
  • 401(K). Two different plans to help you save for a rainy day, both with a company match.
  • Financial planning. Meet with an expert for consultations that won’t cost you a penny and may save you much more than that.
  • Auto and home insurance at a discounted rate.  
  • Tuition reimbursement. You could receive a tuition refund ranging from $1,000 to $5,250. You can even get a reimbursement for the cost of your books. Ka-ching!

Paid time off

CHG offers a variety of programs and benefits to make it easier for our people to find a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, including:

  • 14 days of paid time off (PTO) during your first year. What a great way to start your career! You can earn as much as 26 days PTO, depending on your length of employment.
  • It’s your birthday? Declare it a holiday and enjoy one of your two floating holidays.
  • 10 paid holidays, the ones on the calendar.
  • Get engaged – with your community! CHG offers up to 16 hours of paid volunteer time off, or VTO. You can serve in a way that’s meaningful to you and it makes our community a better place.
  • Flexible schedules. No more morning person vs. night owl. Morning or night. Here or there. We’ll work with you to find the work times and places that work best for you.
  • Short-term & long-term disability. CHG pays 100%
  • Baby on the way? Congratulations! CHG offers new mothers up to 12 weeks of paid leave.
  • What about dad? CHG gives dads up to six weeks of paid leave.
  • Adopting? Moms and/or dads receive up to six weeks of paid leave. Enjoy that little one and don’t worry about beating it back to the office!

Unique benefits

But wait, there’s more! Better than a set of steak knives, as an employee you can also purchase:

  • Pet insurance. Get a discounted health policy for Fido or Fluffy.
  • Protection from identity theft or discounted legal services
  • PTO gifting. Donate some of your paid time off to a colleague who may be in crisis.
  • Critical illness and accident insurance. Get a lump sum payout for specific injuries and kiss your co-payments goodbye. 
  • Employee compassion fund. Sometimes kindness requires cash. You can donate directly from your paycheck to an emergency fund that helps your co-workers who are facing hard times.  Maybe it’s you facing an unforeseen hardship. You can apply to receive help through the compassion fund.

Join our CHG family! Check out the open jobs at our offices across the country.

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    • Hi! If you reside in Utah, we offer plans through Cigna and SelectHealth. For our offices outside of Utah, we offer plans through Cigna.

  • I love writing and cooking ;). I am applying to work for CHG now (in FL) and have seen so much about the company culture that just blows me away! There are benefits of which I’ve never even heard, such being able to donate PTO to a fellow employee. I hope that I’ll be able to join the CHG Healthcare team.

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