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Milestones: Robin McKinney reflects on 30 years of positive change

Robin McKinney is an administrative coordinator for CompHealth permanent placement in Trumbull, Conn. Since she took her first post-business school job with the company in 1987, she has witnessed many changes. Despite all that is different, Robin says the most important things have stayed the same. She shares details of her 30-year journey in the interview below.

How has CHG changed since 1987 and what has stayed the same?

I started working for the company when it was Weatherby Healthcare. In 2000, CHG acquired Weatherby and our office became part of the CompHealth division. When a company changes hands, you never know what to expect and you’re not sure how the changes will affect you and your position. Well, in this case, change was good. Our leaders made that transition as easy as pie. Of course, daily processes like processing applications, jobs, presents and send-outs has also changed, but what has truly stayed the same is the culture of the company.

What is your fondest work memory?

Oh, wow! There are so many of them! I’ll start with the many trips I’ve taken starting with my first President’s Club cruise in 1995. Then, for my 20-year work anniversary, I went to the beautiful island of Hawaii, even though I hate flying. There is a saying, “Let go and let God,” so I did just that and had the most amazing trip ever! Next, I have to mention my experience with Weatherby Healthcare because that’s where it all began. I actually left the company after a year and returned. Being so young at the time, I thought there was more out there for me to explore. Well, I explored and found that I loved where I was and what I did, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to return, that is exactly what I did.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since working here?

I’ve learned that change can sometimes be good. When CHG first acquired us, we received a copy of the book Who Moved My Cheese, which is about dealing with change at work and in life. I didn’t read it at the time, but just a few years ago, one of our leaders encouraged us to read it, as some of the administrative duties we had been doing for years were changing. I finally read the book and I’m glad I did!

How does working for CHG help you make a difference in the world?

Working for CHG helps me make a difference in the world by how they accept people. “Free to Be Me” is one thing that comes to mind, as well as the many humanitarian projects that CHG is involved with. These things help me to give more of myself to those in need, whether it’s a co-worker or someone I’ve never had a chance to meet.

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  • R-Mack is one of those characters that you just could not replace in the office! Bubbly, fun-loving, and the nicknames she comes up with off the top…forget it! Always there to welcome you warmly (even when she’s piled up with work) You da best Robbie Dobbie

  • We love our Robin!! She is an amazing person and through all of our recent office changes, the glue that held the office together. We are so grateful for her upbeat personality, positive attitude and fun loving nature! xoxo


  • Working with Robin is a pleasure. Not only she is a great business partner and friend, she is a positive influence at work.

  • Congratulations Robin! To one of the nicest, most helpful, friendliest, and funniest business partner in CT. We would be lost without you!

  • There’s so many wonderful things our office can say about Robin McKinney. She really is an asset to our office and business. Every morning, she greets you with such a beautiful smile that helps you start the day off right. Awesome achievement and milestone Robin, and thank you for bringing such positive energy into our office!


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