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Jeff Laub celebrates 20 years of growth and giving back

Twenty years ago, Jeff Laub joined our Weatherby Healthcare division as a recruiter. He was the second youngest employee in the company and hadn’t held many other jobs. Over the years, he grew in his role and worked his way up the ladder to the director of the pediatrics team at our CompHealth permanent placement division.

Here, he shares how he’s seen the company evolve and some of his favorite memories:

How has the company evolved since you started?

In every way! I think the company is still evolving ‚Äî and for the good. Way back when, it was intense sales. Now we’ve taken a consultative sales approach, and through knowledge, we’ve just become a lot better at what we do.

And while the basic ingredients of physician recruitment hasn’t changed, technology has made it possible to make more placements and more billings. When we first started, there wasn’t an internet and we didn’t use email. We did everything through fax, telephone and beepers. Now some doctors don’t even like to be called; they would rather communicate through text or email.

What is your fondest work memory?

There’s so many! When I first started, I had never left the Eastern Time zone, let alone the United States. But all of that has changed. One of the reasons I joined the company was a chance to earn a trip to President’s Club. I earned my first trip in 1999 and have been to at least 15 President’s Clubs since ‚Äî and it’s still just as exciting! For me, that trip is the pinnacle.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

Without a doubt, helping others achieve success! Whether it’s working with new recruiters or with other team leaders, I love helping other people achieve their goals.

What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moments have been in the last three months. I was one of the architects who helped changed our commission structure to what it is today. Now people can earn more money sooner!

Another proud moment happened two weeks ago: We held a charity event to benefit children with cancer. We raised more than $6,000 for Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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