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Five amazing people at CHG

Their faces aren’t on magazine covers. They’re not famous or fancy or followed by thousands on social media. But these five CHG employees are amazing in their own right. We’re happy to introduce you to some of the most interesting people you’ve never heard of.

Dan Bonebrake, RNnetwork, account executive

Between a stint in the military and playing in a handful of bands (at least one you might recognize — Dashboard Confessional, anyone), Dan has circled the globe. Now he’s married to a champion swimmer and both of them are making waves at our RNnetwork division.

Meet this amazing couple.

MaShel West, CompHealth, pediatric hospitalist

For many autistic children, Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA therapy, can make all the difference in the world. MaShel West convinced CHG leaders to add this life-changing therapy to the list of covered benefits under our insurance program.

Read what happened.

Garrett Davis, Global Medical Staffing, domestic psychiatry

Garrett Davis is a Star Wars fan like none other. His passion for the galactic story of good and evil, in multiple movie episodes, is on display — literally — in the “fan cave” in his family’s home. It’s filled with a collection of Star Wars merchandise that’s out of this world.

Take a peek!

Eleonore Jackson, CHG, compensation analyst

Her baby was fighting for his life. Eleonore Jackson talks about how her CHG team supported her as her infant son battled a dangerous respiratory infection. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t just “let me know if I can help.”

Read what happened.

Mike Atkinson, CompHealth, vice president

He’s finished seven IRONMAN competitions on five continents, competing against world-class athletes. Mike Atkinson says it’s all about managing effort. “Anything you choose is possible,” he says.

See what Mike means!

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