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Employee spotlight: Heidi Davis

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Name: Heidi Davis

Job Title: Business Partner

Years with CHG: 3

What is your favorite part about working at CHG? My favorite part about working at CHG is the people! I work with such a great group of people. They are always helpful, positive and very friendly. They make coming to work every day a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

What one story best describes your experience at CHG? I really enjoy my position at CHG. It means so much to me that my team appreciates what I do. They always include me in team incentive events. Recently, they invited me to attend a BBQ for reaching their quarter maker goals. It means so much to me that they consider me a part of the team and want to include me in their events.

If someone asked you what you do, how would you answer them? I work as an administrative assistant (or Business Partner) for a physician staffing company. I support the CompHealth permanent placement primary care team.

Why did you choose to work at CHG? I was referred to CHG by a close friend of mine. I was struggling in my current job at the time and was looking for something different. My friend explained to me about the company and all of the benefits and opportunities they have to offer. I am so grateful that I work for such a wonderful company and that my friend referred me to CHG.

What is your favorite event that you have participated in at CHG and why? My favorite event at CHG is the United Way Week. I think that it is such a great way to get involved and help raise money for a wonderful cause. It is fun to see all the events that take place and all the different ways you can participate.

What is your favorite Core Value at CHG? My favorite core value at CHG is Putting People First. I have never worked for a company that is more focused on this value than CHG. That is a main reason why they attract and retain so many great employees. It creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere for everyone. This value is very important to me, and it is wonderful to work for a company that shows appreciation for their employees.

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