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CHG’s onsite health clinic: From convenient amenity to lifesaving benefit

Travis Green

Guided by our flagship core value, Putting People First, we’re devoted to going the extra mile for our customers as well as our coworkers. While we’re laser-focused on making sure our work is at the highest standard for those we serve, we sometimes forget the person we need to put first is ourself.

When Travis Green, a business systems analyst in the IT department, started getting headaches about six months ago, his first instinct was not getting a checkup. Even though it lasted for days, Travis was willing to wait it out.

“I was going to just power through it. I usually don’t take the time to go to a doctor unless I feel really awful,” Travis says. But as the headache persisted, his caring coworkers suggested he take advantage of CHG’s onsite Marathon Health clinic.

At the health center, Travis was met with competent care as the staff and provider, Julie, took an active interest in his indicators.

“[Julie] took time to ask me about my family medical history and what I had been experiencing with my symptoms,” Travis recalls. “She helped me understand how serious it was that I seek treatment for the symptoms that I was experiencing.”

Marathon’s dedication to Travis’s wellbeing led to the discovery of his persistent headache. The culprit: a two-to-three-inch blood clot in his sinus cavity. Left untreated, blood clots can cause serious health risks, sometimes with fatal results. Because of Julie’s care and attention, Travis took serious action to get the help he needed. He was admitted to the hospital for proper treatment of the clot and has been monitoring the situation since.

“I love that CHG has come up with a program that allows us to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves. A lot of people work themselves to death quite literally, and CHG very much wants us to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves,” Travis reflects.

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CHG has partnered with Marathon Health as a means to provide a benefit of convenient health coaching and clinic services. With knowledgeable providers, zero co-pay costs, and access for all employees and their immediate family, we can make sure our physical and mental wellbeing is taken care of.  When we are maintaining our health, we can continue our mission of Putting People First. For people like Travis, it’s a benefit that can literally save lives.

Hear Travis’ full story in this video.

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  • LOVE having the clinic so close by. It is so helpful having something onsite for the random ailments that come up. They have helped with getting me on the right depression medications and when I had a cold that just wouldn’t quit. So happy this story ended happily 🙂

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